1. You can pay to your Institution's Campus Ambassador. Details of Campus Ambassadors has been sent along with confirmation mail. Alternatively, you can scroll down below to find your institution's campus ambassador(s) for the conference.

2. In case of institutions which DO NOT have Campus Ambassador(s), you can pay to our Area Representative by showing your Delegate Confirmation Mail from today. A list of area representatives have been sent along with confirmation mail. 

3. For applicants outside Dhaka city and area representative coverage, payment through bKash system is now available. 
Delegates who've recieved confirmation mails can now pay via bKash. Please follow the steps to make your payment:

Step 1: Call us at 01795199676 or 01777951595 before you make your payment (Please bear in mind that these are NOT bKash payment numbers, hence NDCMUN'18 shall not remain responsible if payments are made to these numbers).
Step 2: After notifying us by calling you shall receive a text message containing the bKash payment number.
Step 3: Make your payment to the bKash number you received through SMS.
Step 4: Upon completing your payment successfully, reply to the SMS in the following format:
Your name [space] Your email [space] bKash payment number [space] bKash Transaction ID (compulsory).

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